Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, or hide clutter? Check-out our selection of innovative room dividers and room divider kits.  Hanging Room Divider Kits, Tension Rod Room Divider Kits, and Loft Style Room Divider Kits present a creative and sleek new way to divide space within minutes!  Attractive, inexpensive and easily installed, our dividers can be the answer to your space or storage needs.  Whether you are in a dorm, studio, house, workplace, or apartment, our top quality room dividers can separate and compliment your space.

We are seeing new and innovative ways our customers are "dividing and conquering" space everyday. Utilize our dividers to repurpose a room or space in your house.  Create privacy.  Hide clutter.  Separate functions.  Reduce sunlight.  The problem solving uses go on and on.  Take a look at our room divider features and examples to see how we can help you today.

Divide & Conquer!

The RoomDividersNow Team

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