How to Have Privacy in a Dorm Room

Dorm rooms fail to give you privacy. As a result, you may wonder: how to separate dorm room? Room Dividers Now’s dorm room dividers will help you solve this problem by creating a partition.

Your dorm room is no less than your home during your college years. The walls of your dorm room hold secrets, unexpressed emotions, and unsaid words. However, you don’t get the dorm room entirely to yourself. You share it with your roommates, who often turn into your friends and family. 

Despite this, you may still feel the need to have some alone time and space. Be it for silently resting, thinking, or introspecting. A private space becomes necessary in such conditions. This raises a couple of valid questions like how to separate the dorm room or how to have privacy in a dorm room?

Thanks to Room Dividers Now, you can create a little space for yourself using dorm room dividers

Why Do You Need a Dorm Room Divider?

Wondering how to create privacy in a shared bedroom? You can create privacy for yourself using a room divider. 

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Dorm rooms are no different than shared bedrooms. You must create a partition if you need more privacy. Dividers also help you concentrate better and study well, especially when you and your roommate have different schedules.

Some room dividers block noise, which is necessary if there is a hustle-bustle in your room. They also help you sleep better if the lights are on past bedtime. These dividers create a certain sense of boundaries, allowing you and your roommate to operate in your respective corners. 

Simple Ideas on How to Separate Dorm Room

Most dorm rooms do not allow you to drill any screws or build permanent walls. As a result, you must find temporary solutions to create more privacy. A room divider is one such solution. 

Most room dividers are temporary fixes that do not require drilling, making them perfect for dorms. You can easily install and remove them. Furthermore, you can even move some of the dividers around the room because they are on wheels.

Following are some simple and creative ideas to divide your dorm room


Curtains are simple and easy to use. They are available in endless options, and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. End-to-end curtain dividers and freestanding curtain dividers are the two best options.

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End-to-end curtains offer maxim privacy because these curtains cover the entire space wall-to-wall and ceiling to floor. Freestanding curtains, however, are more portable because some of them have wheels. You can place them in any corner of your dorm room to create seclusion. 

Ensure that you choose the color of your curtains wisely. Choose dark colors if you want maximum privacy. However, there is a drawback. Dark curtains necessitate better lighting. You can opt for lighter, semi-transparent curtains if you do not have adequate lights. Semi-transparent curtains allow more light and air to pass through them. 

Bed Canopy

A bed canopy is a wise alternative to curtains. They do not take up a lot of floor space and stay close to your bed. Bed canopies enhance the aesthetics of your bed and regulate temperature. It will keep your sleeping area warmer in winter if you don’t have a heater. 

Furthermore, bed canopies muffle the outdoor noises and filter light. They also protect you from mosquitos and insects during monsoons. Bed canopies are available in different styles and fabrics, ranging from sheer nets to linen. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Partial Curtains

Partial curtains are aesthetic and creative dorm room dividers. They can easily add a pop of color to your space, allowing you to show your personality. You can find these curtains in different styles, made from beads, ropes, shells, CDs, and tassels.

They can amp up your space by adding a country, modern, contemporary, minimalist, or french feel to the dorm. You can also experiment with the material of these partial curtains and get them customized to your taste. 


Bookshelves make ideal room dividers for dormitories. Place it in the middle of the dorm, and you will be good to go. Choose an open shelf design if you are comfortable sharing the bookshelf with your roommate. It will also allow light and air to pass from one corner to the other. 

You can invest in a cabinet-style bookshelf if you do not want to share it with your roommate. These bookshelves have drawers and cubicle-like spaces where you can store other things. However, they do not allow the passage of light and air.

Wooden Dividers

Wooden dividers add a rustic and vintage feel to your dorm. You can choose to install a carved wood divider if you want something that blends fancy and minimalist. Similarly, you can opt for a colorful wood divider to add a pop color. 

Wooden dividers are available in two types, foldable and non-foldable. Go for a non-foldable wood divider if you want the partition to stay there all day. However, choose a foldable one if you wish to have privacy only during specific hours, like for  studying or sleeping. 

Divider Screens

Divider screens have high utility because they do not take up a lot of floor space. You can choose to install a transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque divider screen, as per your liking. 

They are available in different sizes and styles. Some of them have geometric prints, whereas some are plain colors. Furthermore, some are foldable and supported on wheels, increasing their utility and portability.

Still Got Questions?

Are you still wondering how to separate dorm room? Room Dividers Now will assist you in dividing your dorm room most economically and fashionably. 

We have been in this industry for the past 25+ years. Our vast knowledge and experience in this field make us the forerunners. We can quickly divide your space with dividers without damaging your dorm. Get in touch with us, and let us take care of your dorm room.

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