Kids Room Divider: How to divide a shared kids room?

Figuring out how to divide a shared kids room? Room Dividers Now will solve your problem and give each of your kids a private and personalized space of their own without complex modifications.

As a natural part of growing up, kids need more privacy and personal space. However, giving each kid a separate room in the house is not always possible. 

The question is: “How to divide a shared kids room?” Your answer? A kids room divider.

A kids room divider is an efficient and cost-effective way to make space. It can transform a small shared kids room to accommodate two individual rooms of each kid's choice. 

Room Dividers Now has creative kids room divider ideas that are affordable and feasible. Let’s discover the best shared kids room divider ideas in Room Dividers Now style.

Figuring out how to divide a shared kids room? Room Dividers Now will solve your problem and give each of your kids a private and personalized space of their own without complex modifications.  As a natural part of growing up, kids need more privacy and personal space. However, giving each kid a separate room in the house is not always possible.

Steps to decide on a room divider for kids

Here are a few steps you can consider while thinking of how to divide a shared kids room. 

Step 1: Consider their different ages.

Siblings who share a room might not be of similar ages, which can make selecting a divider a tough task. Go for a room divider that caters to a younger child and their older sibling, suiting their different age. For instance, you can install a room divider having space for storage on both sides if you have a teen and a toddler. 

Step 2: Identify their personal choices and preferences.

It can be hard to get a space just right for each child if they have different personalities. A few accessories and decor on the kids room divider as per their choices can give both of them a space of their own. You can add abstract arts on their side of the room divider for a kid with an artistic personality. Similarly, you can design a car theme-based room divider for a child with a bold personality.

Step 3: Make note of your available space.

Keep in mind that, besides giving your kids their personal space, the whole idea of dividing their room should not lead to a cramped space. Consider the space available to you in your home, making modifications accordingly. You can opt for dividers that can double up as storage solutions.

Step 4: Figure out your budget and the efforts required.

Determine your budget before making any modifications to the shared space. Go for flexible solutions that need less effort if you have a tight budget. You can use easy-to-install and modifiable room dividers to increase their utility.

Step 5: Consider the future possibility.

Your child's choices and personalities will change as they grow up. A toddler fond of animal-themed designs might not like it as a grown-up. Go for dividers whose both sides can be painted and re-painted at each phase of your children’s lives as per your child’s liking..

Following the steps mentioned above can make it easier for you to decide how to divide a small shared kids room.

Trendy room divider ideas for kids

2-way wardrobe/dressing

Kids sharing the same room often share wardrobes for their clothes, books, and other belongings. However, even if your kids are best friends, a shared wardrobe can lead to arguments about whose side is whose. Dividing their room up can fix this. A 2-way wardrobe is a space-saving and practical solution to shared space. This way, your kids can keep their belongings separate, which will give a little privacy to them.


Open shelves are one of the easiest ways to divide a shared space without isolating different areas of the room. You can use a vertical bookshelf to separate one side of the room from the other so that each child has their own space for keeping their books. You can designate specific areas for each child’s books, such as giving older kids the upper shelf, a secure spot away from prying little hands of their sibling.

Artificial door

An artificial door can be the ultimate design solution for dividing a room for growing kids or different sexes. Fixing a rustic or quirky style door into their sleeping quarters can add plenty of character. For example, you can ask your children to paint or decorate their respective sides if one child begs for pink and the other wants a contrasting color. This will keep them happy and create a sense of personalization.

Study board

We adore blackboard/whiteboard room dividers as they serve as an easy (and necessary!) division without expensive remodeling. A blackboard room divider goes really well in a toddler's room as they learn to write or draw. It also doubles as a space where your older kid can draw fun little doodles. This way, you can split the room, giving them their own space and privacy — all while keeping the room unchanged!

Graphic curtains

Colorful printed curtains create a light and translucent division. You can put beds end to end and divide their sides with curtains. Moreover, each child can have the option to have the prints of their own choice, giving them a personalized room of their own.

It might be a reasonable idea to curtain off the older child's area if one of your kids is a baby. This will give them a private place to nap when the baby wakes at midnight. You can also install a common light source in the center of the room if you cannot position both beds opposite a window. Similarly, you can place bedside wall lamps, allowing each child some freedom in deciding lights out time.

DIY houseplant design

Installing a DIY houseplant design is one of the most economical kids room divider ideas that goes well for older children, especially those close to nature. You can use your favorite climber or mix and match different plants in hanging pots. Ensure that they both water the plant to keep it healthy.

Tri-panel screen

A tri-panel screen as a room divider is one of the most affordable shared bedroom ideas for small rooms. It can fold up easily if one child is on vacation or is sleeping in another room. You can go for a boho-approved appeal or a rustic design for a vintage look. Tri-panel screens enable both siblings to add decoration alongside privacy..

Be ready to innovate

Kids sure do grow up fast. Their choices change, and so does their personality. As such, it is vital to choose a room divider that you can renovate or reuse. 

Ensure that you choose the right room divider that future-proofs a small shared kids' room and does not burn holes into your pockets. Now, this may sound like a difficult task, but Room Dividers Now make it easy.

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