Screen Ideas: Top 20 Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Outdoor privacy panels: Outdoor privacy screen ideas

Seeking outdoor privacy screen ideas? Room Dividers Now will help you make your garden and backyard a private space to relax or have fun, making it more lively.

Your outdoor areas like gardens, terraces, and porches are one of the coziest and most comfortable places to spend some alone time. You can sunbathe in peace, read a book, or simply have a meal with your family. So, your outdoor spaces need to be more private, whether from overlooking neighbors or strangers passing by. As per your needs, tastes, and budget, outdoor privacy screen ideas, ranging from wooden fences to concrete structures and creative hanging lights, can create more privacy, enriching your garden design. 

Choosing appropriate outdoor privacy screen ideas can make your garden a peaceful private space. An affordable and creative outdoor privacy screen can solve your problem. 

Room Dividers Now has affordable and feasible outdoor privacy panels to create more privacy and beautify your outdoor areas. Let’s explore the best outdoor privacy screen ideas in Room Dividers Now style.

Best Screen Ideas for Your Outdoor privacy 

  • Living Fence

  • You can grow trees with large foliage like birch and malus, depending on the size, soil conditions, and light levels of your outdoor place. This can also let some sunlight pass through. You can also plant plums, cherries, and peaches. These trees are not only efficient privacy screen ideas but also provide delicious treats every year.

  • Wooden fence

  • A wooden fence can work well as an outdoor privacy screen. In fact, instead of buying a new wooden fence, you can give a new life to your existing wooden fence with a coat of paint in contrast to your patio furniture. This will add a pop of color to your backyard. 

  • Sliding doors

  • Sliding doors are perfect privacy screen ideas for backyards with small or limited open space. Sliding doors do not occupy extra space as they do not hang outside. These are flexible outdoor privacy screen ideas as you can easily install and remove them. Also, sliding doors are the perfect balcony privacy screen because you can efficiently isolate the balcony from surrounding areas without turning it into a cramped space. 

  • Curtains

  • Add see-through or light fabric curtains to a covered spot to create an ideal outdoor area where you want privacy from all around. This arrangement will look gorgeous and chic, providing you with more privacy. This spot can also be used as a hideaway when you play with your kids!

  • Artificial Decor

  • Design an unforgettable and splendid outdoor privacy screen using artificial decor like hanging lamps, macrame pieces, and hanging wall arts. Choose something that can cover the most amount of area vertically. You can light up the lamps and lights during special occasions like festivals and birthdays, or maybe every night. 

  • Floor decor

  • Use your earthen pots for demarcating your outdoor area. This will give an illusion of a private space to the neighbors and strangers. Moreover, you can mix and match some pieces of floor decor with your earthen pots to create a beautiful ambiance.

  • Statement landscape piece

  • Go for a statement landscape piece if the climate and area of your outdoor space support it. You can opt for a giant statue or huge craftwork. These beautiful pieces are spectacular forms of fine arts, creative skills, and refined work, serving as efficient privacy screen ideas.

  • Screen Dividers

  • Most people use screen dividers as privacy screen panels for indoors. However, a beautiful and portable screen divider can work wonders. You can even customize a conventional screen divider by adding small storage panels to it. Not only would it give you more privacy but also provide extra storage space for plants or decor that need less space, such as bonsai trees.

  • Wooden frames

  • Wooden frames are one of the most commonly seen privacy screen panels for outdoor areas. They allow a natural passage of sunlight and can serve as climbing nets for your creepers and climbers. You can put some colorful accessories near it to add some contrast. 

  • Concrete structures

  • Like statement landscape pieces, large concrete structures such as water fountains restrict the area outsiders can view. You need not always keep your water fountain running; its shape can suffice your privacy concerns.

  • Old doors

  • Old doors are one of the most economical outdoor privacy screen ideas, like a wooden fence. Even an unpainted door can give an unconventional but raw look, if you're in for it. Otherwise, adding a coat of paint is always an option.

  • Framed Tree branches

  • A few strong branches of trees enclosed in a wooden or metal frame is an imaginative yet affordable balcony privacy screen. You can make it customized as per your balcony's area. These tree branches can be decorated with lights as well. Such frames can also be fixed in your garden, enhancing its charm.

  • Hanging fairy light curtain

  • You can hang curtains with hang fairy lights attached to them, blending the outdoor privacy screen ideas with artificial decor and curtains. This will transform your outdoor area into a mystical space.

  • Vine walls

  • Want to avoid planting more trees or buying a concrete structure? Well, you'll need to put in a little effort and some small nails to hang vines from an edge that is sufficiently high above your garden's ground. Once done, the greenery will provide your garden with a textural backdrop, besides creating a personal space.

  • Wired art

  • You can go for wired art as per the weather of your area. Opt for a simple, beautiful wire art to emphasize your space. They need not be complex pieces of art. A basic piece would do, especially if you love abstract art.

  • Bamboo wall

  • Like the natural and a bit rustic look of bamboo? Bamboo works as excellent outdoor privacy panels and is the easiest way to adorn a plain-looking garden wall. A closely slatted bamboo outdoor privacy screen gives the illusion of being very dense, creating more privacy.

  • Furniture backdrop

  • For this, you can utilize a large furniture piece having a wide back as an outdoor privacy screen. It can be some giant almirah or a vintage couch. Placing a few accessories near it can create a tied-up look.

  • Patio swings and hammocks

  • Patio swings and hammocks have always been permanent in gardens. Besides, you can also use them to create a sense of boundary in your garden, adding an extra space to relax or have evening snacks.

  • Fitness items

  • Fixing a jungle gym in your garden is a smart choice if you have young children in your family. Your kids will be delighted. Moreover, you can add a small slide or a treehouse to complete the entire scene.

  • Rope Wall

  • Rope walls knit in various patterns look  attractive and exquisite. They function as a light outdoor privacy screen, and you can move them indoors if required. You can save your money by making a rope wall on your own.

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