Partition Curtain Ideas to Divide a Room With Curtains

Finding an appropriate room divider to divide your space can be tricky. Thanks to Room Divider Now, you can now divide your room with partition curtains - a simple and aesthetic way to organize and make more space. 

Privacy is non-negotiable, and a room divider curtain is an easy way to create a private space. Room partition curtains aesthetically replace the brick walls while adding a beautiful look to the place. It is a realistic solution because building a wall isn’t always feasible.

Curtain dividers are a cost-effective option, available in different types of fabrics. Moreover, they are durable and lightweight, making them more desirable. However, the question is: How to divide a room with curtains? Room Dividers Now solves this dilemma with multiple ranges of room partition curtains that are easy to install and maintain. 

Partition Curtains: Evolution and Installment

A curtain divider is usually a piece of a long fabric positioned such that it separates a room into divided areas. In earlier times, curtains were used as a decor item on windows and doors. 

Now, they are evolving as a divider for rooms, making every section more functional than before. You can use partition curtains to create a home office, reading space, study corner, and entertainment room. These curtains are made from fancy materials such as cloth, ropes, shells, lace, and beads. You can choose the one that goes well with your space, lighting, and ambiance. For example, you can choose thick curtains for entertainment zones and white curtains for a cozy reading space. 

With Room Dividers Now, you don’t need to wonder how to hang curtains from the ceiling as room divider or how to separate a room with curtains. We offer a range of partition curtains depending on your needs and the available space. Furthermore, we will handle all the room partition needs while you kick back and relax!

Let’s take a look at some of the popular partition curtains:

End-to-End Curtains

Room Dividers Now’s end-to-end curtains are perfect for privacy purposes because they are full-length wall-to-wall curtains. These drapes are endlessly versatile, just how a reliable room divider should be. Furthermore, they hide your storage and add a luxury hotel vibe to the room since they join floors to ceiling. 

Tension Rod Dividers

Tension rod dividers are a perfect option for the areas where drilling can not be done. You just need to adjust the rod size, and the spring will do the rest. These rods are temporary yet a stylish option for rental, sublets, and dorms. Furthermore, tension rods are easier to pack and reuse when you wish to move out.

Freestanding Room Dividers

Do you want to create privacy or hide the litter? Freestanding room dividers are best to separate areas as high as 50 feet. These heavy freestanding curtain divider kits add a touch of style to your place in no time. They are a feasible option for rental units, loft space, and higher ceiling rooms because they do not require any drilling.

Creative Room Divider Curtain Ideas

Creative curtains are a great way to show the fun side of your personality. They are eye-catching, adding a touch of aesthetics and color to your space. You can even get these curtains customized to meet your taste and requirements.

Following are some trendy creative room divider curtain ideas that you can use:

Fabric Curtains

The easiest way to create seclusion is by using curtains as room dividers. Fabric curtains or blinds enhance your decor, create a barrier, and compliment the room beautifully. Some most common fabrics for partition curtains are organza, suede, cotton, polyester, velvet, and silk.

Rope and Beaded Hangings

Beaded and rope hangings are one of the best non-curtain room dividers you can use in doorways, windows, and room dividers. They give a gentle look of separation — a sense of private space while offering a view.

You can use these hangings to add a contemporary, modern, oriental, or minimalist touch to your space. For example, you can hang shells to add a bohemian touch.

Glass With Sheer Curtains

Glasses with sheer curtains offer a texture, softness, and movement. The sheer curtains add a transition by enhancing the room. They also allow light to pass, creating an illusion of a larger space. 

You can also use transparent, translucent, or opaque glass as room dividers. Furthermore, you will also find foldable glass screens which can be used as curtains.

Macrame and Crochet

Macrame and Crochet are knitted drapes that quickly add elegance to your space. They are your go-to options if you want to add a minimalist touch to your space. You can customize these curtains in different colors or shapes to create unique partitions. It’s one of the most pocket-friendly partition drapes you will come across. 

Polaroids and Lights

Wondering how to divide a room with IKEA style curtains? Fairy lights and polaroids add sparkle in a sophisticated and grown-up way. You can try these partition curtains as a room divider if you enjoy cozy, lit-up rooms. 

Light partitions can light up the darker corner of your room perfectly. Furthermore, you can add your favorite polaroids on lights to make it even better. For example, you can try stapling similar color-tone polaroids on lighted partition curtains for a classic look. 

Still Got Questions?

Are you still wondering how to divide a room with curtains? Worry not! Experts from Room Dividers Now are here to help. 

Room Dividers Now has been in operations since 1996 and is the best provider of room divider kits. Our pricing is pocket-friendly and offers a variety of room divider options. We aim to make your rooms more functional with our creative and feasible ideas. 

Reach out to us and revamp your spaces in no time now! 

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