Room dividers Ideas: How to Divide a Bedroom Into Two Rooms

Looking to revamp your bedroom to add a touch of personal and peace? Look no more. Room Dividers now will assist you in revamping your bedroom to your comfort and needs.

The bedroom is your personal space, and it is only wise to make the most out of it. In the end, you want it to serve the many needs you have. As a result, it becomes vital to demarcate areas for different activities and separate the sleeping area from other corners of your room. 

The question here is: How to divide a bedroom into two rooms? Enter room divider ideas in the discussion. 

Room dividers are one of the most practical solutions for demarcating areas while letting them stay accessible. Some room divider ideas block external sounds and create an opaque partition, while some allow air and light to pass through. 

Room Dividers Now takes a creative approach towards room dividers ideas that are effective, practical, and feasible. Let’s see how to divide a bedroom into two in the Room Dividers Now style. 

Possible Spaces in a Bedroom

The bedroom can serve many needs as per your taste. Some of our wants necessitate division or a clear partition in the bedroom area. The following are a few extra things you can have in your bedroom.

Casual Seating area

The bedroom is our cocoon at home, where we can unwind in the evenings and embrace the day in the morning. It's normally the cosiest part of the house, and adding a seating area is a fantastic method of making it even cosier! 

Sitting areas are a creative way to include furniture alternatives that maximise the use of space in your room if you want it to serve many roles. 

It's like a home's 'weekend' — a place where you can recuperate after a long day's work. So, it's understandable that having extra seating is crucial, whether for reading books, solving crosswords, enjoying a show, or appreciating a peaceful time.

Coffee Corner

A cup of coffee is a morning ritual for a lot of people. It is both an unwinding drink and a ‘charge you up’ drink. Installing a coffee corner in your bedroom means that you can access it at any hour of the day.

Furthermore, a coffee corner in your bedroom can ensure that you start your day with coffee if you don't like to start your day otherwise. It's also an easy way to add an attention-grabbing element in your bedroom, especially if your coffee corner gives out the rustic, vintage vibes.

Entertainment section

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. After a long day at work, most of us look forward to entertainment, be it watching a sitcom, documentary, teen drama, or reality show. 

However, entertainment is not just limited to watching, right? It also includes playing video games, board games, painting, etc. Entertainment sections are also a great chance to express your likings and choices. They can quickly become a space for spending quality time with your partner.


Who does not appreciate a huge closet where all their favourite dresses and accessories are accessible? Closet space in your bedroom will bring your vision to life. 

Spacious closets that contain all your clothes and accessories in one place, make dressing up easier. You can customise the section as per your needs while ensuring that the interior still matches the rest of the ambiance.

Workspace/ Study space

Work from home is the new normal. It is necessary to have a secluded de-cluttered space for working effectively with organisations shifting to a hybrid mode of operation.

Students can switch the working space for a comfortable study space which maximizes productivity. You can choose to customise this space and add elements like plants, stationery holders, plug points, lights, etc. 

Simple ways to Divide your room into two

While it is vital to personalise your bedroom, privacy becomes a non-negotiable factor, especially if people are sharing the room. For example, your children will require some amount of privacy, solitude, and personal time if they are sharing their room 

This necessitates efficient and hassle-free room divider ideas that are easy to install and sometimes even easy to modify. Let’s now look at some ideas on how to divide a bedroom into two rooms

Screens (glass/ sheets etc)

When it comes to selecting the right product for any environment, it goes past aesthetics and design. Bedroom dividers can save space or provide additional privacy. They can also bring a contemporary modern flair to any monotonous appearing open-plan bedroom.

A transparent glass screen allows the light to pass while creating a divide. You can opt for an opaque glass if you want something more private. Similarly, you can have sheet partitions that are lightweight, sound, and vermin-proof, requiring less support. Fancy sheet partitions can also add a decorative element to your room.

End to End Curtains

End-to-end curtains on tension rods or freestanding frameworks are easy to use and modify. You can open and close them as per your likings. Some freestanding frameworks are portable, which means that you can move them around and store them away when not needed. 

Tension rod curtains are specially designed for spaces where you cannot afford to drill. They are adjustable and detachable, increasing their utility. 

Partial curtains

Unlike some end-to-end curtains, partial curtains allow air and light to pass through. They offer a sense of seclusion while letting you be aware of what’s happening beyond the curtain. 

You can find partial curtains made of beads, strings, a fancy mirror, crystal drops, seashells, tassels, artificial flowers, and more. They add colour to your room and uplift the mood of your bedroom.

Bookshelf or cabinets

Installing a freestanding bookshelf is a smart way to create a divide if you are a bibliophile who enjoys reading and is super cautious of the safety of your books. Bookshelves allow you to store your books safely while creating a secluded space for your reading time. 

Similarly, you can also build a chic cabinet to divide your room. You can opt for an open shelf cabinet that won’t block light or air. It will provide a sense of privacy and allow you to display your showpieces, cuddle bears, books, etc.

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