Year-Round Greenery: 30 Hanging Wall Planter Ideas for Both Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Hanging decorative wall planters is a versatile way to bring greenery into indoor and outdoor spaces, wouldn't you agree?

These innovative wall mounted plant hangers not only infuse a refreshing charm into your surroundings but also maximize space efficiency. The appeal lies in their ability to transform barren walls into thriving gardens, regardless of whether you're decorating an indoor living area or enhancing an outdoor landscape.

One of the key merits of a DIY hanging wall planter project is the opportunity for customization and cost-effectiveness. By crafting your hanging wall planters, you can create unique, personalized displays that perfectly complement your living space while being frugal and environmentally conscious. So, in that spirit, let's see 30 amazing wall planter ideas for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

15 Amazing Indoor DIY Wall Planter Ideas For A Greener Haven

Transform your indoor space into a lush green haven with these 15 fantastic DIY wall planter ideas. From repurposing old picture frames to creating indoor hanging wall planters with copper pipes, these projects are easy to make and add a touch of nature to any room. 

  • Macramé Magic
  • Macramé plant hangers are a timeless and stylish way to showcase indoor greenery. You can learn to create intricate macramé designs that cradle your plants beautifully.

  • Floating Shelves
  • Floating shelves with integrated planters add a modern touch to your indoor decor. These shelves provide a sleek, space-saving solution for displaying your favorite plants.

  • Repurposed Materials
  • Explore creative DIY ideas using recycled or upcycled materials to craft unique indoor hanging planters. This eco-friendly approach adds a rustic charm to your space.

  • Hanging Terrariums
  • Hanging terrarium planters are elegant and low-maintenance. To create a beautiful glass-enclosed world for your plants, first select a suitable glass container. Then, add a layer of gravel and charcoal at the bottom, followed by soil and your desired plants.

  • Vertical Herb Garden
  • Convert your kitchen wall into a functional herb garden. To install vertical planters for growing fresh herbs in your culinary space, choose a sunny spot and mount the planter to the wall. Then, fill it with soil and your desired herbs, and water regularly.

  • Wooden Crate Planters
  • Wooden crates can be transformed into charming hanging planters. To display your indoor plants creatively, you can use crates as plant stands or wall mounted plant hanger shelves. Arrange plants of varying heights and colors within the crates to create an eye-catching display.

  • Hanging Glass Globes
  • Glass globes are perfect for air plants or succulents. To create hanging glass globe planters, first purchase clear glass globes with an opening. Then, add a layer of gravel, charcoal, soil, and your desired plants, and hang them using a clear fishing line or decorative ribbon.

  • Mason Jar Planters
  • Mason jars can be repurposed into charming indoor hanging planters. To turn iconic jars into delightful home decor, first clean and dry the jars. Then, paint or decorate them with adhesive vinyl or stickers, and use them as vases, candle holders, or storage containers.

  • Geometric Planters
  • Geometric-shaped planters add a modern touch to your decor. To create eye-catching planters and arrange them in an artistic pattern, first select a variety of plants with different colors and textures. Then, arrange them in a geometric pattern within the planters, using different heights and angles to create visual interest.

  • Indoor Trellis
  • Creating a mini trellis for climbing plants adds a touch of elegance to your space. To design and install indoor trellises, first choose a suitable location and size for the trellis. Then, attach the trellis to the wall or ceiling using brackets or hooks, and train your climbing plants to grow along the trellis using ties or clips.

  • Hanging Terracotta Pots
  • Hanging small terracotta pots or galvanized wall planters can add a rustic touch to your indoor decor. These planters can be filled with succulents or small plants, and hung in a cluster to create a warm and inviting display.

  • Hanging Baskets
  • Hanging baskets are a classic choice for indoor plant displays. To select and arrange hanging baskets that complement your decor, first choose baskets that match the style and color scheme of your space. Then, fill the baskets with trailing plants and arrange them in a variety of heights and hanging lengths to create a dynamic and cohesive display.

  • Hanging Planters in a Frame
  • Incorporating planters within a frame is a unique and artistic approach. To design and create framed hanging planters, first select a suitable frame and cut a piece of wire mesh to fit inside. Then, attach the mesh to the frame and plant small plants or succulents directly into the mesh, hanging the planter using sturdy hooks or wire.

  • Copper Pipe Planters
  • Using copper pipes for hanging planters offers a modern, industrial look. To craft stylish plant holders with copper pipes, first measure and cut the pipes to the desired length. Then, assemble the pipes using copper fittings to create a geometric or abstract design, and add hanging hooks or brackets to display your plants.

  • Hanging Planters with LED Lights
  • Combining planters with LED lighting creates a unique ambiance. To integrate lighting with hanging planters for a captivating effect, first choose a variety of plants with different shapes and colors. Then, hang the planters near a light source or attach small LED lights to the back of the planters for an ethereal glow.

    15 Ethereal Outdoor DIY Wall Planter Ideas To Make Any Space Lively

    Looking to add some life to your outdoor space? Check out these 15 DIY wall mounted planter hanger ideas that are both ethereal and easy to create. From hanging succulents to vertical herb gardens, you'll find plenty of inspiration to transform your space into a lush oasis.

  • Vertical Garden Pallet
  • Transforming a pallet into an outdoor vertical garden is an eco-friendly project. Secure pallets vertically, add landscaping fabric, soil, and plants.

  • Rustic Wooden Ladder:
  • Creating a ladder-style outdoor planter adds a rustic touch. Find an old wooden ladder, paint or seal it, and add planter boxes or shelves.

  •  Rain Gutter Planters
  • Utilizing rain gutters for outdoor plant displays is efficient. Install rain gutters horizontally on a wall or fence, secure them, and plant flowers or herbs.

  • Vertical Succulent Wall
  • Creating a succulent wall garden adds a unique touch to outdoor spaces. You'll need a wooden frame, succulent cuttings, soil, and mesh or burlap.

  • Tiered Planters
  • Building tiered planters adds depth and charm to outdoor spaces. Construct multiple planter boxes of varying sizes and arrange them vertically.

  • Hanging Tire Planters:
  • Recycling old tires for hanging planters is both eco-friendly and creative. Clean and paint the tires, add ropes or chains, and plant colorful flowers.

  • Outdoor Wall Plant Pockets
  • Fabric wall pockets are a unique approach to outdoor plantings. Acquire fabric pockets, hang them on a wall or fence, and plant your choice of flowers or herbs.

  •  PVC Pipe Planters
  • PVC pipes offer a unique material for outdoor planters. Create cylindrical or square PVC planters, secure them, and plant greenery.

  • Hanging Box Planters
  • Hanging boxes are a simple yet effective option. Acquire wooden or metal boxes, add hanging hooks or chains, and plant colorful flowers.

  • Garden Shelves
  • Garden shelves add elegance and versatility to outdoor spaces. Assemble wooden or metal shelves, secure them to the wall, and arrange potted plants.

  • Repurposed Drawers
  • Old drawers make unique outdoor planters. Find or repurpose drawers, add legs or chains for hanging, and plant your choice of outdoor greenery.

  • Hanging Flower Pots
  • Hanging flower pots are simple and charming. Select decorative pots, add ropes or chains for hanging, and plant an array of colorful flowers.

  •  Pallet Planter Boxes
  • Building planter boxes using pallets is cost-effective. Disassemble the pallet, create planter boxes, secure them, and plant outdoor flowers or herbs.

  • Outdoor Wall Planter Frame
  • Creating a frame for outdoor planters is an artistic approach. Build a frame, attach planters, and hang it as a decorative piece on your outdoor wall.

  • Hanging Clay Pot Wind Chimes
  • Combining planters with wind chimes adds a delightful ambiance to outdoor spaces. Use clay pots, chimes, and ropes or chains to craft this outdoor oasis.

    Types of Wall Planters To Choose

    Are you looking for creative ways to display your plants? There are many types of planters to choose from, each with its unique design and benefits. Here are some popular options to consider:

    1. Macramé hangers: These are perfect for hanging plants and come in various colors and designs. They are typically made from cotton or hemp rope.
    1. Terrariums: If you want to create a mini indoor garden, then terrariums are a great option. They are made from glass or plastic and come in different shapes and sizes.
    1. Wooden crates: These are perfect for creating a rustic look in your home or garden. They come in various sizes and can be painted or stained to match your decor.
    1. Glass globes: These are perfect for small plants or succulents and can be hung or placed on a tabletop. They come in different shapes and sizes and can add a touch of elegance to any room.

    When choosing the right planter, you also need to consider the material. Here are some pros and cons of different materials:


    Wood planters are durable and can add a natural look to your garden. However, they can be heavy and may require more maintenance.


    Metal planters are sturdy and withstand harsh weather conditions. However, they may rust over time.


    Plastic planters are lightweight and easy to clean. However, they may not be as durable as other materials.


    Fabric planters are lightweight and easy to store. However, they may not be as sturdy as other materials.

    Finally, you need to think about the size, shape, and design of the planter. This will depend on your specific needs and where you plan to place the planter. For example, if you have a small space, then a hanging planter may be the best option. If you want to create a focal point in your garden, a larger planter may be more suitable. With so many options available, you will surely find the perfect planter for your DIY project.

    Tips and Tricks for Successful Hanging of Wall Planters

    Right Plant Selection

    Choose plants suitable for the location, considering light conditions, climate, and space. Match indoor and outdoor plants to their respective environments.

    Adequate Care

    Maintain your plants regularly, including watering, pruning, and cleaning to ensure their health and appearance.

    Secure Installation

    Properly anchor wall planters outdoors to prevent accidents or damage. Use suitable hardware, anchors, and fasteners, especially for heavier planters.

    Correct Watering and Drainage

    Avoid overwatering and ensure proper drainage. Select planters with adequate drainage holes to prevent root rot and maintain healthy plants.

    Appropriate Potting Mix and Fertilizers

    Use the right potting mix for your plants, considering factors like moisture retention and nutrients. Apply appropriate fertilizers to promote plant growth and vitality.

    Seasonal Variety

    Embrace seasonal changes by rotating your plant selections. Introduce fresh, season-appropriate greenery for a dynamic display.

    Stylish Decor

    Enhance your wall planters' aesthetics by creatively arranging them, using complementary colors, and incorporating decorative elements.

    Hanging Accessories

    Choose secure hooks, chains, or hangers that can support the weight of your planters. Ensure they are properly attached to the wall or ceiling.

    Planter Size

    Match the size of your planters to the available space. Consider the growth potential of your chosen plants and allow for adequate spacing.

    Regular Inspection

    Regularly inspect your plants for signs of stress, disease, or pests. Take prompt action to address any issues and ensure the long-term health of your greenery.

    By following these tips, you'll create and maintain beautiful hanging wall planters outdoors that enhance your living spaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

    Elevate Your Space with DIY Hanging Wall Planters!

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