How it all started

It started with two mattresses. Two mattresses pushed to opposite sides of a room.

Then it became a pattern. An epidemic.

Our friends and acquaintances all had the same problem: shared spaces without a shred of privacy. Their attempts to divide their space were usually impractical, expensive or hideous (or sometimes…all of the above).


We Couldn’t Help Wondering… Was There A Better Way?

How We Fixed The Problem

The more we looked, the more we realized the solutions out there weren’t all that great. There were folding partitions (bulky, expensive, limited coverage). And of course, professionally installed walls (expensive, not realistic for renters, big commitment). We became obsessed with creating room divider solutions that were versatile, easy on the eyes (and wallet!), simple to set up and most important of all: top quality.

Then, we did something novel. We listened to our customers.

Thanks to their feedback, we’ve been able to develop room divider solutions for a huge range of problem spaces.

Why we’re different?

So, you know the “follow your passion” advice you hear everywhere? Well, we did. Turns out our passion is producing epic, high quality room dividers.

But, our true love is our customers. Seriously, it’s kind of a big deal..

We want to make our customers’ lives better. That’s why we’re crazy about quality. Quality materials, quality design, quality products, quality selection, quality customer service. And of course, a quality guarantee.