Studio Apartment Dividers: How To Divide A Studio Apartment

Ways To Divide A Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

Finding a way to create space in your studio apartment without much hassle can be demanding. Room Dividers Now will help you create more rooms with the help of their studio apartment dividers. 

Staying in a studio apartment is an urban and minimalist approach to living. People prefer them since they are cheaper alternatives to large, multi-room apartments. It is a popular choice amongst budding professionals, young couples, students, and more.

However, everyone needs solitude and personal time. Be it for relaxing, indulging in your hobby, or simply introspecting. Furthermore, you also need a separate space for working or studying if you are a professional or a student. Unfortunately, studio apartments fail to offer privacy. So, how do you divide a studio apartment to create more privacy? Enter studio apartment dividers from Room Dividers Now.

Studio apartment dividers are feasible options, demarcating your space instantaneously. Some of these studio apartment dividers are multipurpose, creating more storage space and another room simultaneously. 

Why Is There a Need to Divide a Studio Apartment?

These self-contained living quarters, also known as bachelor apartments or studio flats, have a bedroom, living area, and kitchen all in one open space. They demand you to live, eat, and sleep in one room with no walls between you and the rest of the world.

This arrangement has its drawbacks, necessitating the installation of studio apartment dividers. Some of the problems that you can face in a studio apartment, especially when you are sharing with one or more roommates, are: 

  • Lack of privacy
  • No partition between your working space and living space. 
  • You cannot call over your friends or family for a night stay or party due to lack of space
  • No undisturbed room for some alone time 

Simple Studio Apartment Dividers

Wondering how to separate a studio apartment? Studio apartment dividers are a practical alternative to permanent brick walls. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can also get them customized to meet your studio apartment's ambiance to make them look like a part of the interiors. However, you can also go ahead with statement pieces as dividers if you want them to stand out from the rest of your space. 

Following are some ideas on how to divide a studio apartment which you can use to enhance the look, storage, and privacy of your apartment:


Curtains are by far the oldest room dividers you will find. They are easy to install and maintain. Curtains quickly separate the area and create a partition. You can opt for a ceiling to floor curtain divider, wall-to-wall curtain, tension rod divider, or a freestanding room divider as per your needs.

End-to-end room dividers like ceiling-to-floor or wall-to-wall offer maximum privacy. You can close and open them as per your needs. However, they are more permanent fixtures than tension rods and freestanding dividers.

End2End Room Divider Kits

Tension rods and freestanding dividers are of great use in loft spaces or no drilling zones. You can easily install tension rod curtain dividers and remove them without damaging your walls. Some freestanding dividers are supported on wheels, making them portable. You can move them around and create a partition for whichever area you want.

Glass Screens

Glass screens are your go-to option if you want a blend of minimalism and fancy. They allow light and sound to pass through, depending on the type of glass. 

You can either opt for a transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque glass screen as per your needs. Furthermore, you will also find tinted glass screens which are ideal if you want to add a pop of color. Similarly, you can opt for a glass with geometric patterns to add a hint of fancy to the room. 

Glass screens are available as both foldable and non-foldable. Opt for a foldable glass screen if you want seclusion only during selected hours. 

Wood Dividers

Wood dividers as studio apartment dividers are a great way to add a rustic, vintage feel to your existing space. These wood dividers are available with and without wheels, increasing their utility and portability. Some of these wood dividers have geometric carvings, making them more attractive. 

Partial Curtains

Partial curtains are trendy and easy to install studio apartment dividers. You will come across partial curtains made from different materials, like beads, shells, ropes, CDs, mirrors, and crystals. 

They will add a touch of fancy and instantly lift the mood of your room. Furthermore, curtains can also add a hint of bohemian, minimalist, contemporary, modern, or oriental feel to the apartment, depending on your choice. Partial curtains are a feasible option, especially if you want to separate your sleeping space from the rest of the apartment. These curtains will filter the light entering your sleeping area without making it dark. Furthermore, you will still be able to communicate clearly with others on the other side of the partition.

Hanging Plants

Adding a touch of green to the apartment is not a bad idea. Hanging plants make attractive room dividers. These indoor hanging plants purify the air inside the apartment and provide a sense of calm. Furthermore, indoor plants improve your ability to cope with stress, enhance your attention, and improve concentration. They are therapeutic and boost your productivity. 

You can also opt for a plant shelf if you do not wish to hang your plants. You can grow plants like the Chinese Money plant, Spider plant, Peace Lily, and English Ivy. 

Book Shelf

Bookshelves are a popular choice amongst those who treat their books like children. They allow light, air, and sound to pass through while creating a division. Furthermore, some of these bookshelves also come with drawers, offering you extra storage space. 

Still Got Questions?

Still wondering how to separate a studio apartment? Worry not. Room Dividers Now is here to assist you. Having been in operation since 1996, we are a force to reckon with. Our studio apartment dividers will instantly create a private space for you without damaging the existing interiors. 

We can easily create the space of your choice, given our extensive knowledge about room dividers. Reach out to us to make your apartment more functional now! 

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